Why is tape still used to store data?

In an era of hard disk drives and solid state drives, the old tape storage is still used by many businesses to backup. But what are the advantages?  Why is tape still used to store data? Tape storage has been in use for nearly 100 years. First invented for...

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Software updates help us all stay safe online

Software updates are always announced at the worst possible time. A couple of weeks ago, I had about 30 tabs open across three different Chrome windows, Firefox open as it works better for a coded TV stream, Adobe and unsaved documents open whilst flipping between...

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MacOS Sierra vs OS X El Capitan benefits

MacOS Sierra advantage over El Capitan: More Secure  Includes fixes to over 60 security flaws on El Capitan. The security enhancements includes 65 security vulnerabilities and some tweaks, which are critical to the whole security.  Along with macOS Sierra updates,...

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