Business usage of IT is evolving faster now than at any point in the last decade.

IT Consultancy

Business usage of IT is evolving faster now than at any point in the last decade. IT services need to be reliable and efficient in order to support business growth.


OrbitTech Consultancy offer strategic advice on the most appropriate IT solution for your environment. This includes guidance on network configuration, OS management, storage and various backup solutions.


Our engineers can help  optimise the use of your IT, by conducting an audit to reflect your current IT infrastructure and providing project designs to meet future needs.

System Audit and Redesign

OrbitTech can offer full or partial IT systems audits, health checks and capacity planning services that can be used to collate and document all of the relevant information about your IT computer systems, software and licensing, websites, intranets and portals.

Our engineers will identify the type of audit you require and ensure that meaningful information is gathered. This will be used for effective analysis, as well as provide financial, logistical and IT strategic planning if required.

Starting with the very core of your structured cabling, computer systems or network infrastructure, we surpass expectations by utilising industry-standard technology.  OrbitTech can create IT systems that are tailored to operational and budgetary requirements.

Topology Review & Documentation

OrbitTech provide a review of the current network topology, which includes:

  • A Network Topology Diagram
    – Available in Microsoft Visio and PDF formats.

  • Device Inventory
    – Includes Network Connected Devices, Such as: Switches, Routers, Computers, Printers and Wifi Units
IT installation and Configuration

The IT systems installation and configuration service we supply is simply an amalgamation of our full IT services  portfolio.

We pride ourselves in the attention to detail we give to every IT project, irrelevant of its size. OrbitTech can deliver and deploy a vast array of IT solutions that can be customised to suit your operational and budgetary needs, computer network infrastructure and environment.

Our team can help you to manage  IT systems installation and configuration projects, or supply solutions that are fully configured to reduce installation time.

Project Management
OrbitTech project managers have experience in helping organisations to select, deploy and integrate IT infrastructure products or manage software and website development projects. For today’s global marketplace you need to choose a project partner – that uses a consistent, structured approach to project planning and delivery. At OrbitTech our consultants, engineers, and developers understand your challenges and how effective IT project management can help to address them.

OrbitTech has a flexible approach to IT training for sole traders and small business teams and can accommodate candidates at all skill levels. Our training course delivery options allow you to pick the right type of course and enable you to select a suitable location, date and training style.

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