MacOS Sierra advantage over El Capitan: More Secure  Includes fixes to over 60 security flaws on El Capitan. The security enhancements includes 65 security vulnerabilities and some tweaks, which are critical to the whole security.  Along with macOS Sierra updates, Safari 10 is released with 21 patches for vulnerabilities in Apple’s web browser.

1. Size

  • the file size of macOS Sierra Public installer is 4.86GB, OS X El Capitan takes a larger space to 6.21GB.

2. Cross-device Syncing

  • Universal Clipboard, a new feature added in MacOS Sierra, allows easier interaction between Mac and iOS devices. It will copy and paste text, images and video across iPhone, iPad, iPod touch devices and Mac computers.

3. Optimised Storage

  • This is another new feature. With Optimized Storage, better storage space utilisation is obtained. It will automatically store the old files to iCloud and delete files like redundant Mail data, web caches, logs etc from Mac

4. Smarter Photos

  • MacOS Sierra includes benefits like facial recognition and organization, adding people, labelling, viewing people, picking key face, merging, favourites, hide etc are all in your new Photos. A memories feature is added, which will automatically recognize faces, places, and events in photos and create themed albums.

5. Tab Support

  • Tabs now are extended from Safari to almost all the applications, including Maps, Mail, Keynote, Pages, Numbers and other third-party apps. With the tabs support, users now can open one document through multiple tabs rather than accessing multiple documents at one time.

6. Improved Messages

  • Users can send messages with emoji, rich links, videos etc. There is “Tapback” feature to quickly respond to messages with icons like a heart, a question mark, a thumbs up and bigger emoji.

7. New iCloud Drive

  • the new iCloud Drive allowing syncing of all files on the desktop to iCloud, so that users can access them on other Macs or iOS devices

Some possible MacOS Sierra drawbacks

There are still a few rough edges with system performance which later releases will address. Poor compatibility with some apps (eg Bartender, browsers, XtraFinder, Mail, Office 2016, cleanmymac3) has been reported. Security features also may prevent usage of some apps

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