Executive Assistant Services

Case Study



EA Services was set up by Elizabeth Sansom, who has always been passionate about supporting her clients and adding value to their roles and businesses.


OrbitTech Design & Hosting


OrbitTech liaised with Executive Assistant Services to better understand their objectives and proceeded to implement a step by step solution:



A Coming Soon Page


Executive Assistant Services wanted a web presence as soon as possible so OrbitTech implemented a Coming Soon page to let visitors know a website was in the development phase.

Visitors to the page were offered the chance to subscribe to a mail service with information about Executive Assistant Services. This allowed the organisation to update it’s customers on the progress and the business. The splash page provided invaluable customer contact details to the client


Website Creation


OrbitTech designed and created a modern website that fitted well with the Executive Assistant Services’ business theme and stated objectives:

  • Simplistic & modern appearance
  • Links easily with Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Allows for media content to be uploaded
  • Blog and newsletter integration
  • Compatible with mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad and Android.
  • Arranged the hosting and online presence of the website.


Website Maintenance


OrbitTech configured a Content Management System (CMS) to provide Executive Assistant Services’ with direct control of the content and allow:

  • Multiple User Logins – Enabling staff & management access at all times
  • Access Rights – Allowing management to assign different appropriate access to staff
  • Dynamic Updates– Automatically set updates for the CMS, Plugins and Software
  • Plugins – Creating the correct environment to facilitate new feature integration
  • Content Management – Enabling the functionality to allow update, change or deletion of content or media
  • Website effectiveness –  Implemented a website effectiveness tool which enables (EAS) Executive Assistant Services to track visitor numbers, identities and sources.



Google Analytics provides comprehensive reporting and diagnostic tools. Reports can be segmented and filtered to reflect the needs of the business while real-time views inform which new content is popular, how much traffic is driven to the site, and which tweets or blog posts draw the best results.

OrbitTech configured Google Analytics which would allow the following information:

  • visitor traffic analysis, audience details and requests 
  • trackable routes taken to reach the website 
  • devices used to access the site
  • analysis of user needs and requirements
  • tailored the marketing and site content for maximum impact
  • facilitated continual change and updates



Search Engine Optimisation


OrbitTech configured Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) proven to work. The perfect solution was implemented for this business website and offered

  • Great results in Google, Bing and Yahoo and other major search engines.
  • “Get found in Google”



Website Launch


OrbitTech proceeded to publish the website by following the steps below:

  • Registered ExecutiveAssistantServices.co.uk as a domain name
  • Hosted the website on the OrbitTech Hosting system
  • Implemented a daily backup process
  • Integrated Security and Protection to minimise hacker and spammer impact
  • Provided documentation to Executive Assistant Services.



OrbitTech have provided support and advice as I set up my company. They have assisted me with acquiring a company logo and developed and created my website. They have been proactive and thorough with their support and have proved to be a reliable resource.


Elizabeth Sansom

Director, Executive Assistant Services