St Mary's Free School

Case Study

St Mary's Free School said:


Introduction to the school

St Mary’s Hampton CE Primary school is a new ‘Church of England’ Free School. The school offers their pupils a remarkable opportunity to join an inspirational new school which is establishing itself in the heart of its community. An experienced and highly qualified staff and governing body share a refreshing energy in leading the school forward to teach all their children to develop a love for learning and a zest for life which will confidently lead them into their adult years.

Why did you choose ScholarPack?

As a small school we had to primarily think about the cost element, with a small number of children other systems were proving too expensive. The friendly display and ease of the icons was also a big factor when it came to choosing ScholarPack. The presentation we initially received far outweighed other businesses; it was professional yet friendly and the team were happy to answer any questions, which is a direct reflection of our current experience with the support team now.

What do you like most about ScholarPack?

Scholarpack has been so supportive; particularly with the required Census information that is required by the DfE. They have also helped when we needed unique reports and different requests, specific to our needs. We have found that the attendance module is very straightforward, which makes it easy to update absences and we particularly like the simplicity of the user interface and icons on the dashboard.

How have you found the support from us?

The patience from the support team is always great. The help that I received when completing the October Census first time around really benefited my confidence levels when it came to completing the Workforce Census. I could complete the Census easily knowing that ScholarPack had the report I would need. As an ‘Office Manager’ new to education; the team have been patient and respectful whilst walking me through some elements, which I am sure are simple to experienced operators. The system is easy to navigate and once again if you get ‘lost’ a support team member will lead you in the right direction.

Would you recommend us?

Yes I would.

Here we outline some favourite features of ScholarPack and ways that the system is being used by different staff members throughout school.

School: St Mary’s Free School

Students: 60

Location: UB2 4LA

User for: 1 years, 3 months

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