Management Information System

for Primary and Preparatory Schools

What is ScholarPack?

ScholarPack is the fastest growing Management Information System (MIS) in the UK specifically tailored for primary and prep schools including academies and free schools. It is an extremely powerful, user friendly software package. ScholarPack seamlessly brings together teachers, parents, senior leaders and administrators, helping them to achieve the very best in teaching standards. It is a cloud based solution facilitating the management and control of information anytime, anywhere.

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School Office

ScholarPack offers administrative users improved school information control, providing a simpler and easier way of managing student and staff data. There are plenty of predefined reports, but creating customised reports is easy. At census time, ScholarPack is automatically updated with the latest requirements, including the Workforce census and statutory data returns.


Cloud Technology

ScholarPack uses the latest cloud based technology which allows users to access and update information simply and efficiently from any web browser.  It is a safe and secure system, which each user can access with a unique username and password from any internet connected device.


Parental Engagement

Engaging and collaborating with a child’s parents is recognised as a vital way of improving education. ScholarPack facilitates this by providing a simple platform allowing parents access to a host of information about their child including attendance, reports, behaviour, assessment and support information. In this way, parents feel safe in the knowledge that their children are receiving the best possible educational support.


Assessing Without Levels

Hundreds of schools are using the ScholarPack assessment package every day to track and monitor pupil progress, both for EYFS and KS1/2.

ScholarPack is already capable for assessing without levels and will support schools preparing for “life after levels”.

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Ofsted remarked about ScholarPack:

“The excellent new assessment system enables teachers and leaders to check pupils’ progress frequently and identify quickly pupils at risk of falling behind.” Ofsted

Office for Standards in Education

ScholarPack Comms

ScholarPack offers a comprehensive communications module which brings the power of our cloud based MIS platform to your school’s communications. You can communicate with parents easily via SMS, emails or letters from within the dashboard.

Web Based

Built right into ScholarPack you can use the communications module from anywhere. If it’s snowing outside and your school needs to close, you can text all your parents from home.

SMS Messaging

Our communications package allows you to utilise SMS messaging for communicating with parents. With most parents carrying mobile phones, text messaging is one of the best ways to get in touch instantly.

Email Messaging

Send HTML emails with embedded images and attachments to any group in the system. A great way to send out newsletters or permission slips.

Contact Groups

Use all the groups you’re used to in ScholarPack like form groups, classes and clubs. You can also define your own groups for use in comms and because the groups are linked to the system, all updates are instant. If you change the members of a club or update a phone number they are ready to go straight away.

Simple Pricing

Our pricing is simple and transparent, just pay the licence fee for comms then choose the SMS package that’s best for your school. Either pay as you go or purchase our truly unlimited SMS package and send as many messages as you need. Don’t want text  messages? No problem, you can use all the other features of comms without using the SMS messages.


Design and print labels from within the menu. We support all common Avery labels and you can design your own layouts before you print. Great for envelopes, exercise books, drawers, folders, etc.


Prepare letters and send them to parents using the inbuilt letter generation module. You can use our pre-existing tags to mail merge names, addresses, attendance percentages and lots more.


Save time by creating templates to reuse again and again. Whether you send SMS messages about attendance or termly newsletters, templates will save you time and hassle every day!

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