Systems Review

Systems Review & Auditing

OrbitTech can offer full or partial IT systems audits, health checks and capacity planning services that can be used to collate and document all of the relevant information about your IT computer systems, software and licensing, websites, intranets and portals.

We will identify the type of audit you require and ensure that we gather meaningful information that can be used for effective analysis, as well as provide financial, logistical and IT strategic planning if required.

Starting with the very core of your structured cabling, computer systems or network infrastructure, we surpass expectations by utilising industry-standard technology.  OrbitTech can create IT systems that are tailored to operational and budgetary requirements.

Software Asset Management

Our Software Asset Management (SAM) Service helps organisations like yours to assess the use of software across all devices to ensure they are all fully licensed.


Hardware Asset Management

To keep control of your company property it is important to know who is using what equipment, what’s happening to it and what they are using it for.


Network Health Check

Networks grow and change so rapidly it is essential to ensure your entire IT provision is accurately documented in order to quickly establish replacement provisions in the event of an IT crisis.


Security Audit

Our detailed security audit uses a range of tools to provide a complete overview of your system readiness.

Thank you so much for this information and especially for your help this morning. I cannot tell you how much I appreciated your work, professionalism, and patience!! I am very thankful

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